To be issued to everyone booking the Hall. Please comply with the rules and guidance below and help us to keep the Hall clean tidy and safe. By doing so you will help us keep charges as low as possible.

Health and Safety

See News Page for Information on COVID 19 

  • The Trustees have provided an escape plan which is attached here-with. Those booking the Hall must take all additional measures necessary to ensure the safety of their group.The following should be considered.
  • Take note of any difficulties of members of the group e.g elderly, disabled, young children etc.
  • Exit routes being obstructed particularly by table arrangements, equipment being used, cables to electrical equipment etc.
  • The number using the Hall at any one time must not exceed 30.
  • Users should ensure they have adequate insurance to cover any activities they may be undertaking.

Hiring and Payment

The charges for hiring the Hall are
From the 1st January 2020 ;
Bookings of 1 hour or less £9.00
Bookings of more than 1 hour £8.00 per hour.
Party bookings are not accepted for children over 14, or adults.
  • Unless other arrangements are in place payment must be made in advance of using the Hall. We regret that cancellations without 7 days prior notice will incur a charge of £1 per hour.
  • Arrangements to lock and unlock the hall will be made at the time of booking. Regular users can be provided with a key.
  • Booking times do not include additional setting up or clearing up time as the Hall may be in use by others. If extra time is needed it should be allowed for when booking.


  • Portable heaters must not be taken into the Hall
  • The Trustees must be notified of any electrical equipment being brought into the Hall. Equipment must be P.A.T tested and leads must be safely positioned and not cross escape routes.
  • Smoking is prohibited. 
  • Alchohol is not allowed.
  • No fireworks are to be used in the car park
  • Please clean up after using the Hall and if possible take rubbish home
  • Please take notice of other guidance and information notices which may be displayed from time to time.
  • Please do not put so called disposable nappies, tissues or any items other than toilet tissue into the toilets. It costs £150 to clear the drain
  • Please return all furniture and equipment to original locations

Escape Plan

This plan is to be issued to each person who books the Hall. The plan does not take account of the use to which the Hall may be put nor the needs of individual users for help and assistance. The person booking the Hall must be responsible for adapting the plan as necessary.

Means of Escape

There are two exit doors: the kitchen door is a single door, the front doors are double and open outward. Both doors must be unlocked when the Hall is in use.

In the event of electrical failure there are emergency lights and illuminated exit signs.

The kitchen door opens onto a disabled wheelchair ramp. Wheelchairs users will need assistance if using the front doors.
The front exit leads onto the pavement and main road, to the right the area adjacent may be used as a safe refuge. The ramp from the kitchen door leads to the front of the Hall .

If a Fire breaks out

There are no fire alarms and if a fire is noticed the alarm must be given verbally.
The Person in control of the group must ensure that everyone is aware of the alarm and is able to make an escape without assistance. Arrange assistance if required. Ensure that no one is using the toilets.

Unless the person in control is certain that the fire can be managed by the users everyone should be instructed to leave the hall immediately and assemble at the designated safe refuge area.A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket are available for use in the kitchen.

A responsible person should be instructed to notify the Fire Service by phoning 999,the postcode is BA14 0SA and the premises ID is BL 33 62 18. The trustees should be notified by phoning 01225766108 or 01225755214

Users must not delay their exit by collecting belongings nor attempt to remove cars from the car park at the rear.

Moving Out of Covid

The trustees have discussed amendments to the requirements and guidance  presently in place for Hall Users. We have made changes following the removal of all mandatory restrictions from the 24th of February which place emphasis on guidance rather than regulation and on trusting users to protect themselves and safeguard others. 

*The permitted number using the hall during each booking is now 30.  

*The need to enter and exit by front and rear doors is no longer 


*The wearing of face masks is not required but is an individual choice. 

*We will continue to make sanitisers and wipes available please use


*We would prefer you to open windows and doors to provide maximum        

 ventilation subject to outside temperatures.

*We won’t provide cutlery or crockery, bring your own and take it home 

 with you along with any other rubbish you create.

*Please don’t mix with other user groups, don’t arrive early for your 

 activity and leave promptly when your session ends.

*Don’t forget the user guidance and rules which were in place before the

  Covid pandemic [copies on the notice board and on the website] appeared and  

  which still apply.

*To see the documents issued by the Wiltshire Village Hall Association and ACRE click the links below

30/09/21 revisions made on 23/02/2022



1: I wish to hire the progressive hall for the time from…..  am/pm to….am/pm          

on the following dates /days  /day                                                                                  until further notice for the purpose of                                         . I am aware the period of hire should allow any time needs for prior and post  cleaning setting up etc 

2: I have seen a copy of the “moving out of covid” statement, the  conditions of hire and the fire safety/escape documents which set out the actions and responsibilities  which must be undertaken by the person hiring the Hall.

3: I understand that it may be necessary to amend the documents from time to time to cater for changing circumstances and I will be notified of the changes to which I will asked to confirm my agreement.

4: I confirm my agreement to the conditions of hire and my understanding of the actions and responsibilities which are to be undertaken. I understand that I take responsibility for the actions of all those using the Hall during the hire period. I confirm that I have read and understood the documents issued by The Village Hall Association and ACRE which can be viewed by clicking the links on the moving out of covid section.

5: I confirm that I have all necessary insurances, certifications, and licences to undertake the hire and will provide proof to the Trustees if requested.

6;  For single use bookings the amount due must be paid prior to using the Hall. For repeated uses  payments are to be made monthly prior to use [preferably by bank transfer] . If the booking is for multiple use a fee of £1:00 will be charged for any session cancellation

Name {capitals}       Signature                                    

 Address & telephone  number                              

On behalf of{where applicable]


The Hall uses personal data solely for the purpose of managing Hall bookings. Please indicate your approval  Yes/No

30/09/21 amended 23/02/2022

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